new PolylineColorAppearance(options)

An appearance for GeometryInstance instances with color attributes and PolylineGeometry. This allows several geometry instances, each with a different color, to be drawn with the same Primitive.
Name Type Description
options Object optional Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
translucent Boolean true optional When true, the geometry is expected to appear translucent so PolylineColorAppearance#renderState has alpha blending enabled.
vertexShaderSource String optional Optional GLSL vertex shader source to override the default vertex shader.
fragmentShaderSource String optional Optional GLSL fragment shader source to override the default fragment shader.
renderState RenderState optional Optional render state to override the default render state.
// A solid white line segment
var primitive = new Cesium.Primitive({
  geometryInstances : new Cesium.GeometryInstance({
    geometry : new Cesium.PolylineGeometry({
      positions : Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArray([
        0.0, 0.0,
        5.0, 0.0
      width : 10.0,
      vertexFormat : Cesium.PolylineColorAppearance.VERTEX_FORMAT
    attributes : {
      color : Cesium.ColorGeometryInstanceAttribute.fromColor(new Cesium.Color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0))
  appearance : new Cesium.PolylineColorAppearance({
    translucent : false


staticconstantPolylineColorAppearance.VERTEX_FORMAT :VertexFormat

The VertexFormat that all PolylineColorAppearance instances are compatible with. This requires only a position attribute.

readonlyclosed :Boolean

When true, the geometry is expected to be closed so PolylineColorAppearance#renderState has backface culling enabled. This is always false for PolylineColorAppearance.
Default Value: false

readonlyfragmentShaderSource :String

The GLSL source code for the fragment shader.

material :Material

This property is part of the Appearance interface, but is not used by PolylineColorAppearance since a fully custom fragment shader is used.
Default Value: undefined

readonlyrenderState :Object

The WebGL fixed-function state to use when rendering the geometry.

The render state can be explicitly defined when constructing a PolylineColorAppearance instance, or it is set implicitly via PolylineColorAppearance#translucent.

translucent :Boolean

When true, the geometry is expected to appear translucent so PolylineColorAppearance#renderState has alpha blending enabled.
Default Value: true

readonlyvertexFormat :VertexFormat

The VertexFormat that this appearance instance is compatible with. A geometry can have more vertex attributes and still be compatible - at a potential performance cost - but it can't have less.
Default Value: PolylineColorAppearance.VERTEX_FORMAT

readonlyvertexShaderSource :String

The GLSL source code for the vertex shader.



Procedurally creates the full GLSL fragment shader source.
String The full GLSL fragment shader source.


Creates a render state. This is not the final render state instance; instead, it can contain a subset of render state properties identical to the render state created in the context.
The render state.


Determines if the geometry is translucent based on PolylineColorAppearance#translucent.
true if the appearance is translucent.