The blending state combines BlendEquation and BlendFunction and the enabled flag to define the full blending state for combining source and destination fragments when rendering.

This is a helper when using custom render states with Appearance#renderState.


staticconstantBlendingState.ADDITIVE_BLEND :Object

Blending is enabled using additive blending, source(source.alpha) + destination.

staticconstantBlendingState.ALPHA_BLEND :Object

Blending is enabled using alpha blending, source(source.alpha) + destination(1 - source.alpha).

staticconstantBlendingState.DISABLED :Object

Blending is disabled.

staticconstantBlendingState.PRE_MULTIPLIED_ALPHA_BLEND :Object

Blending is enabled using alpha blending with premultiplied alpha, source + destination(1 - source.alpha).