new GeocoderViewModel(options)

The view model for the Geocoder widget.
Name Type Description
options Object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
scene Scene The Scene instance to use.
url String '//' optional The base URL of the Bing Maps API.
key String optional The Bing Maps key for your application, which can be created at If this parameter is not provided, BingMapsApi.defaultKey is used. If BingMapsApi.defaultKey is undefined as well, a message is written to the console reminding you that you must create and supply a Bing Maps key as soon as possible. Please do not deploy an application that uses this widget without creating a separate key for your application.
flightDuration Number 1.5 optional The duration of the camera flight to an entered location, in seconds.


flightDuration :Number

Gets or sets the the duration of the camera flight in seconds. A value of zero causes the camera to instantly switch to the geocoding location.
Default Value: 1.5

isSearchInProgress :Boolean

Gets a value indicating whether a search is currently in progress. This property is observable.

key :String

Gets the Bing maps key.

scene :Scene

Gets the scene to control.
Gets the Command that is executed when the button is clicked.

searchText :String

Gets or sets the text to search for.

url :String

Gets the Bing maps url.